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 We would like to submit this testimonial on our GallaDev's experience. Our 2 boys have been involved with coaches Jamie and Brian since last year. It started with indoor "Skillz that Killz"  and has progressed to weekly sessions and individual one on one lessons. The dedication and professionalism put forth by these guys has been beyond our expectations. GallaDev's Soccer Academy has allowed our boys to learn soccer skills with "real time" results. It is amazing to see the progression as they develop the techniques shown to them into " without thinking "  muscle memory skills! The support they show all their students outside of their lessons is very refreshing. It shows us they want to invest time to teach your child and the level of commitment on their part in supporting their development.

        Coaches Jamie and Brian use nothing but positive re-enforcement in their teachings, breeding an atmosphere of enhanced self confidence, many times preached, but seldom executed enough in other team settings. They talk with and train the kids... from novice to higher skilled, with the utmost patience and respect. In backing up their coaching lessons about good sportsmanship, composure and facing the challenges of learning new things....they develop these kids into well-rounded, core soccer athletes. Jamie and Brian take the time to quell fears of self doubt and defeat, lift spirits, raising your childs confidence with a " can! " attitude. They have involved helper coaches in the likes of coaches Alex and Elliot, giving our boys role models of local, talented athletes that they can watch, train with and strive to be like.

         Simply put..... if you want to have your child learn real skills, rebuild self confidence, or compliment team training...GallaDev's Soccer Academy is the place to start. We fully expect to see GallaDev's to blossom into a higher calibre training ground for local soccer youth. We have been fortunate enough to be with them since their inception and look forward to being part of the GallaDev's  family throughout our boys extra soccer development year round. It has been a long time time coming for this area and has been by far our best money spent..... we cannot praise all the coaches enough! 
Qualified teaching, skills, guidance and respect = GallaDev's results.
Keep up the good work guys! 
Melissa and Dan Chopp 

I first read about GallaDev’s Soccer and decided it would be a great activity for our son over the winter, little did we know that it would be the best investment as parents we had made so far.

        We registered our eldest son with GallaDev’s Soccer Academy in September 2012, with hopes to enhance his soccer skills and allow him some fun. We were amazed not only with the skills he gained but the self- confidence and motivation that he developed and applied to all areas of his life. Each coach has been inspiring, encouraging and motivating. Often we hear our son tell us, “I can hear the coaches’ words in my head”. He often tells us its about being part of a team, supporting others, and working hard.

        GallaDev’s soccer is an amazing opportunity for youth in our area to be part of a knowledgeable soccer community where they not only gain skills and insights for the game but self- confidence for the future!


Josh and Denise Hart



The following is a testimonial as to our son’s experience with the GallaDev’s Soccer Academy. Our son, Matthew, has been involved with the GallaDev’s Soccer Academy and Coaches for almost one year now. Based on this past year, we are confident and excited that this will be a relationship for our son that continues to develop for many years to come. We have, over this past year, watched our son develop in many areas…not just those connected to his soccer ability.

        Matthew has participated or is currently participating in group training sessions, the indoor Futsal league, the GallaDev’s U10 Competition team and private training sessions. He trains, on average, 4 times a week and is lucky enough to interact with Brian and Jamie as well as several other coaching staff including Coach Ali, Coach Taryn and Coach Danielle at each session. Every member of the GallaDev’s Soccer Academy Coaching Staff is clearly passionate about what they are doing. They have a superior knowledge of the sport of soccer based on individual experience at a high level of play. As such, they are able to take essential skills and teach them to players from a wide range of abilities. They are constantly able to encourage and challenge their students…this combination leads not only to enhanced soccer ability, but also increased confidence. The focus is on the development of the individual. It is always impressive to see that during any given game or training session our son will have some 1 on 1 conversation, coaching and encouragement from several of the coaches. While we are aware that there is still much to be learned, we are very impressed with the level of play, skill and game knowledge our son has developed in his short time with GallaDev’s Soccer Academy. Their knowledge and coaching ability is unparalleled in our area…there isn’t a better program out there.

        GallaDev’s Soccer Academy also provides something that we believe to be more important than soccer knowledge and development: the development of our son as a human being. The foundation of the Academy is the Three C’s: Composure, Confidence and Creativity. These three C’s apply to all areas of an individual’s life both on and off the field, in sports, in interactions with others and in the development of the self. Both Brian and Jamie (and the rest of their coaching staff) make it a priority to take an honest interest in the overall development of their athletes as people. They have helped our son develop into an individual who feels loved, safe, confident and capable. He has such great respect for and looks up to all his coaches that he is beginning to emulate their enthusiasm, compassion and leadership. This development in him as an individual has been the greatest blessing to us as parents.

        If you are looking to provide your child with a technically advanced, ability and age appropriate soccer program that will undoubtedly help them develop into a skilled, confident player with a true love for the sport then you can do no better than GallaDev’s Soccer Academy. In addition, as a parent, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is in an environment that respects who they are as an individual and seeks to encourage the development of great people, not just great soccer players.


Roy and Natalie Gouveia


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